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Monday, April 6, 2009

Habits - Like Water to a Fish

As fish are unaware of water because they have never known anything else, so too, we are unaware of our habits until we discover alternatives.

While we may have some habits, like smoking, that we recognize as habits, we also have many habits of which we are completely unaware. Many of the opinions we hold are rooted in habitual thinking, rather than in careful analysis.

Consider making an on-going practice of questioning all your repetitive behaviors. Perhaps some of them are habits you would like to break.

You may wish to review Choose Your Habits, Choose Your Life.


  1. Very Good analogy to stop and think about the auto pilot things we do that do not serve us, in point of fat mostly detracting for growth and a better way of doing.

  2. Sorry about the typos that were not caught...that's "point of "fact," and "for growth," thank you for bearing with me...

  3. Habit is indeed a terrible thing. With The Work, it's the habit of not checking his text; not caring about properly communicating. I still don't know what s/he's saying.

  4. For some people, it's not the fact that they don't care for properly communicating in typing. It may be that they just don't KNOW how to. There is also the possibility that "English" is their second language that they are still trying to learn. Seesee


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