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Monday, January 26, 2009

Francesco Garri Garripoli: The Dance of the Cosmos

The Dance of the Cosmos
- Francesco Garri Garripoli

The dance of the cosmos and the world we experience every day are wonderfully intertwined... Most times we are so caught up in our daily lives that we forget about anything but our immediate challenges or joys... nose to the grindstone... With this challenge of not "seeing the forest through the trees" we can so easily get caught up in the small stuff and forget about our true nature as infinite expressions of an infinite universe... Sounds kinda spiritual/new age right? But guess what? This week a group of very respected astrophysicists from respected universities in the U.S. and Germany have moved a step closer to being quite certain that we all live in a universe that is actually a hologram. Ha! People practicing high-level Qigong for millennia have said this... spiritual practitioners have known this intuitively forever... the Master teacher I studied with for years in the 1970's in Hawaii impressed this upon me regularly... A hologram? Does that mean that our world isn't real?

Well, the last I checked, this world is very real... I spent all morning repairing another 50 feet of fence that the wild pigs destroyed last night... so the physical that we experience - our bodies and all the fences we interact with - is quite real to us... what is up for grabs is how we relate to it... Sure, some of this is played out in our attitude and mood; good attitude = nice day, bad mood = lousy experiences... but it goes so much deeper... to the way our subtle energy affects everything we experience on the physical and energetic planes.

This is part of what those astrophysicists are dealing with... for them, they are finding solutions to challenges that have plagued great minds like Einstein. These challenges came from not being able to resolve why physics (the workings of the physical world) didn't behave the same on small scales as it did on large scales... why light was the limit of speed... and what accounted for so much mass in the universe when it couldn't be seen... These might not seem like challenges to you, but for these guys - and the universities that fund them millions of dollars annually - it is a professional lifework to resolve them. I remind you that when Einstein proposed a theory (Relativity) on a piece of paper, it opened the minds of people like Oppenheimer and Fermi so that they could go on to create things that were ABSOLUTELY new and impossible before the change of their belief systems. This of course was atomic power and atomic weapons.

Imagine what will come about when these new theories of the holographic nature of our universe become fully accepted by the intellectual powerbrokers of today? That acceptance shifts the construct system of group-think... and when that happens, watch out... new things will naturally come into existence.

The dance of the cosmos... syncing with Obama as president of the U.S... another expression of major shifting in group-think...

This hologram theory that the astrophysicists are presenting stems from some irregularities observed in a large-scale test done searching for minute gravitational waves. The only good solution to the interference is that, get this, atoms at the edge of our known universe dictate the creation of all the atoms in all the matter we experience, and the ripple of this is disturbance in space/time is what is being seen as the "interference." In other words, everything we experience as solid and observable physical stuff is a projection of those atoms sitting some 7 billion light years away. I'm not making this up! I just want to end this dissertation with the idea that in a hologram, everything reflects everything... this means that space (distance and things) and time (the illusion of passing experience) no longer exist as factual... a shift within an atom at one edge of the universe instantaneously affects everything else, everywhere else...

...so dream on what it will be like when this becomes the accepted truth for the scientific community... that's how realities change, don't they? Change what you believe and your world changes... The better you learn how to dream and shift your beliefs, the more efficient you will be at shifting your world, at being free... Qigong is a great tool at learning how to work with this... focusing on your health is an easy entry point for wanting to work with Qigong... but it's only the beginning....

Guest author Francesco Garri Garripoli is a respected Qigong instructor, author, wellness advocate, Emmy Award winning television graphics designer and program Producer-Director.

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