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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lao Tzu: He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.

He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.
- Lao Tzu
It's a cozy little luncheon with the girls, or a "no holds barred" time with the guys. Everyone tells their story and complains a little. "My marriage is getting worse," "My boss doesn't appreciate me," "I don't know what to do next." Amazingly, everyone at that table knows just how to fix everyone's problems - except their own. Why?

We are so close to our own issues that we see impossibility in each proposed solution. I couldn't just leave my abusive spouse, I need the money and the house, I couldn't survive on my own. Really? We can tell a friend how to leave an unworkable job, marriage, or friendship, and a moment later recoil in horror when a similar suggestion is offered for our dilemma.

Take a deep breath. Step back from the situation to gain a clear perspective. Be courageous and bold. Consider carefully what advice you would give to a good friend who was in the same circumstances that trouble you, and then accept that advice and put it into action - today.


  1. This is so true! I am 57 years old and just now
    learning to be true to myself because I realized
    that I am only a reflection of the mirror in
    other people's faces. God opened my eyes to
    recognize that "To th own self be true" is im-
    portant so we can love others truly.

  2. It is so easy to give advice and feel it is good advice and applies to the situation. Cannot do it for myself in a situation I'm finding myself in, I know what is right but it does not feel right and I'm going with my intuition instead of logic! Does that make sense????

  3. Be clear that intuition is very different from instinct. We get into trouble when we operate on habitual instinct without consciousness. Conscious intuition is most powerful. Conscious thought and logic are very useful. Unthinking non-intuitive habitual reactions are what to try to avoid.

  4. I find I'm great at counseling others but for myself I fall short. I consider myself a seeker and pray that I find "IT", whatever IT is before I leave my earthly body......IT is peace,serenity,and acceptance...oh I catch glimpses of it occasionally but only glimpses...am I nuts or what?

  5. I'm 43 years old, and finally am finding my inner strength to leave my marriage of 22 years. It has been a physically and emotionally abusive one. My daughters are 18 and 16, and this last fight, I saw the look in my daughter's eyes as I allowed him once again to beat me, and do nothing to stop it. I'm taking a deep breath, and walking out the door.

  6. You are definitely NOT nuts...if you are finding peace and serenity in acceptance, you are choosing to live without frustration at the things in life that hold some people back (assuming you are not accepting things that are dangerous to you or others.) I believe successful life is about choice which of course starts in our minds and hearts. We choose even our emotional responses...I am utilizing this approach as I move through cancer treatment, and it is helping me to see that while I would not wish this situation upon anyone else, I can find goodness in each step of the way. This approach has given me peace, and the ability to make good choices in treatment and how I can respond to and lighten the days of others involved in my care and treatment. I find joy in life now...that was not always true before. May this be true for you each day as you continue to choose and seek the serenity and peace you desire.

  7. Please know my words about acceptance were in response to the person who expressed that it was what he/she was seeking. To the courageous lady leaving a very hurtful situation, I want to say I admire you for taking positive steps in finding a new and safer way to live. You deserve peace in your life, and you've made the choice to find it. I do not know you, but you will be in my prayers. Stay strong!

  8. To the woman leaving her abusive and cowardly husband... please know in your heart and soul that this is a most courageous moment for you... to walk through your fear into the unknown to a better place for you and your daughters. God Bless you and keep you and I know that Michael the Archangel will protect you and be at your side with his brilliance of light and strength.

  9. A small glimpse of inner peace, a little more inner strength to believe in our own worth and our own ability to make wise choices. Each day, a little happier and a little wiser.

  10. One can not change the people who possess ego. If one believes in oneself right, make wise choices.


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