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Friday, August 15, 2014

Difference of Opinion

I never considered a difference of opinion
in politics, in religion, in philosophy,
as cause for withdrawing from a friend.
- Thomas Jefferson

Arguments only confirm people in their own opinions.
- Booth Tarkington

Do you prefer that you be right or happy?
- A Course In Miracles

As we grow as unique persons,
we learn to respect the uniqueness of others.
- Robert H. Schuller

We may have our private opinions
but why should they be a bar to the meeting of hearts?
- Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi

One of the surest ways to cause yourself great suffering is to insist upon being right - to demand that all others view life exactly as you view it.

Why should it impede your happiness for others to have differing views on politics or religion? for others to paint their houses purple or grow asparagus in place of a grassy lawn? for others to dress, mingle, celebrate, or dine in their own manner?

The path to happiness is to live your life joyfully in your own way, and to support and encourage others to do likewise.

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