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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stroke of Insight - Jill Bolte Taylor

Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist for many years, had her own stroke of insight into the nature of spiritual being when she had a stroke and a near-death experience. Watch this video and see what you think...

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  1. I understand what Dr. Taylor meant. I had a AVM (arteriovenous malformation) that I was born with. Two months prior to the stroke I had a TIA (transcient ischemic attack: no blood to brain area) and went blind while applying mascara to go to work. I felt my way to the telephone and called my sister, a nurse, and she told me to call the ambulance that I had a stroke. I told her she was crazy that I was only 34. Well, two months later, and a week of searing pain as described by D. Taylor, I gave myself a present for Valentine's. I told God that I would quit my second job if he would let me give two weeks notice and at the end of Feburary I would quit. Well, we do things on God's time, not on ours, although we may think so. I lost the sight in my left eye, the feeling in my left arm. It was so cold, floppy and heavy that I took my right arm and placed it in my pocket so it would'nt be so bad. During my teaching day I told the students that I did not feel good, and if they needed help I could not write on the board, due to being left handed). They were angels the entire day. I ended up in hospital with a stroke, and on Saturday night felt the numbness travel down my left side, then leg. During this time I started floating above myself. Floater had her eyes open, the body in the bed did not. I knew if my eyes did not open I would not be part of this world again. I moved down to shake my shoulders to wake me up and that is when I was pulled away. When people say they travel down tunnels, I would use the word vortex. You move so fast it seems that it is a tunnel. God and I had a conversation. I was making all types of deals with him in order to live long enough for my son to grow up and be able to take care of himself. Little did I know that it did not matter what I said. All things were on God's terms. It took me forever to understand why I lived past forty, but then, like I said, I had to learn that what I bargained for was not what I wanted, but what God had planned for me. I had to learn that he wasn't finished with me, and I had more work on earth to complete. Hopefully, I have helped more people than I am aware of, but can continue to help others until I am gone. I have learned to walk closer to God; I think that is one thing he planned for me, but it took a long time to see the complete right way. I am not perfect, no ever will be, but loving God has made me a better person. I don't understand to brain as well as Dr. Taylor, but I did teach anatomy and physiology in college, do understand it some, and remarkably, it can rewire itself with help from will power and grace. Thank you Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor for sharing this. Your spirit must be much larger than mine because I didn't see it as you did, but then my stroke occurred on the right parietal area. Some was dead when I was born due to AVM, and this could have happened any time in my life, but it happened when medicine was ready for me! I hope by you sharing what happened to you and my sharing that people will become more aware of their left brain when this happens. Then, they can be about the right brain and be in harmony with the world!

    Brenda Nalepa, Ph.D.


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