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Sunday, September 6, 2009

What do you take for granted?

What do you take for granted? It is human nature to take everything for granted - our companions, our homes, our electricity, our TVs and computers.

We are so Blessed

If we are not happy, perhaps we should count our blessings.
To the right is a fairly average American home of 150 years ago - a time of short painful lives before antibiotics and anesthetics. To the left is a Peruvian home which the family shares with its business of brewing chicha (home made corn beer) and preparing guinea pigs for traditional celebrations

Imagine if we would just be grateful for everything we have, always.

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  1. Yea Think of Jesus, born in a stable. ! And we his followers live in luxury. Why are we not content with what we have n b thankful???

  2. Life without love is a wasted life.

  3. Gratitude is about what we have or better to say what is given to us and nothing more.


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