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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feedback - Opinion - What would you like to see?

What subjects would you like to see Daily Inspiration address more often? Honor? Forgiveness? Gratitude? Relationships? Family? Love? Habits? Anger? What other subjects?

Please also leave your opinions and interests on any other subjects in comments below or email me privately at jlh {at) jlhuie {dot} com

Thank you for your help in designing the future of Daily Inspiration - Daily Quote and Simply An Inspired Life.

Thank you for joining me on this journey we call Life,
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie


  1. As a personal observation, Jonathan, I see a great need to help people to sort out their emotions. We live in a world that has much basis
    in "fears", of this or that & I believe it en-
    slaves people, if they don't learn to harness
    their fears which are in actuality a natural
    function of the mind. Horror stories cause more
    unneccessary wastes of time & energy & can even
    push people into depression, general anxiety, etc. Fear is also a tremendous way to sell a
    product that one does not need. "Fear (simply)
    should be a signal that something more has to be learned." Not a way to make our lives more
    negative. Fear can channel our energy so we can become more alert, aware & motivated. But, not
    tormented by it.

  2. Just wanted to say that I love your daily quotes!

  3. I think you do a great job already. Each day I look forward to reading what the daily quotes are. Sometimes I stop with the daily read and other times I keep clicking further on the links that offer more on that topic. It depends on how I'm feeling or what I'm up against that day.
    A few that have drawn me in are the ones that speak of forgiveness, choosing your own happiness, joy is a choice, and any that remind me not to get wrapped up in the hustle & bustle of any joy stealers...setting boundaries. i loved the ones that talked about work and how we give into the feeling of 'we have to, we need to, we ought to, we need more' and the whole feeling of keeping up with the joneses. don't we get so busy we forget to just be happy and thankful and take time for what is really important...uh, yes! your messages help as a daily reminder - it's like i'm smart and i know this stuff - but i need a kick in the rump to remind me and make me focus...so, thank you jonathon! ;-) ~april

  4. i think what you are doing is an inspiration for myself and all..the daily quotes offer such an eye -opener to start the day on the right not..keep it going

  5. I really enjoy reading your daily meditation. In addition to presenting your own quotations, you also bring in quotes from many great thinkers. Your meditation topics are very thought-provoking--a good thing. Since you asked about concepts might be presented more frequently, I would list the concepts of gratitude, motivation, and integrity.

    I might possibly be interested in being a part of an online community based on your book "Simply An Inspired Life," though I haven't read it yet. I could arrange to spend an hour a day for this "project." Please keep me posted. :-)

  6. Love the quotes. I don't think you should change a thing, except perhaps go deeper in depth with explainations.

  7. Hello Jonathan,
    -Often the subjects I am drawn to are the ones that are my weakness: Anger, Relationships, Love
    -I have read the pre-release copy of the Simply Inspired Life, I am not sure how the final copy looks like, what would help me was a brief summary of the important points at the begining of chapters, highlighting the important points in bold in the text.
    -What would make worthwile the membership fee would be your personal consulting fee. I am not sure if you realize but when you answer an email you add a lot of personal value to your site and that drew me towards it. You have so much experience to share, it would be worth the membership fee...
    -promotional items with daily quotes: my fav would be: calendar, posted notes with a changing quote, posters.
    -I have not be able to explore your on line shoping or other items, sometimes I get overwhelmed in general by the amount of information or soliciting I need to absorb, thus I tend to focus on what's relevant to me at the moment. That would include an involvment in the community. I am on Facebook and while I find it amazing at times, often, I find it difficult to keep up with.
    Thank you Jonathan for your daily quotes!

  8. I think you have a great website going...I love the areas you cover and feel that covering a variety of areas is good...relationships and self empowerment and gratitude are always my favorites. I am sure I would be willing to buy a cool tshirt with a saying on it or a coffee cup...I have not looked at the online bookstore yet...but will when I have time. All in all I think you have the right formula. I have not yet started to read your book. Its one of those things where I have a pile of books by my bedside to read. I love that you have access to quotes and that you write a commentary below each quote daily. For me, you help me remember what's true and what's important in life. I probably would not be part of an online community as I have enough trouble keeping up with facebook and twitter. But I think you truly are a shining light in the darkest of nights...a platinum program sounds like a good idea...it would depend on the cost for me to know if I would consider it. Anymore than 5 or 10 a month would not be affordable for me. :) I hope this helps!

  9. I have really enjoyed the many pearls of wisdom
    you share from different sources. I particularly know that having "abundant expectancy is different from expectation - it is a more open approach.
    Also I know that one's destiny is in one's
    own hands. We come here with the cards and
    it is up to us to play them well.
    We can intend til the cows come home but
    if it is not in our destiny or our astrological
    overview - it will not happen. So, I believe
    that daily communing with the inner divine is
    how we can live with discretion - knowing when
    and what to choose and create.
    I have not ordered anything yet since I am
    in a new cycle of life and the transition is
    not yet complete. I do enjoy reading the things you offer. Thank you so much for your efforts.

  10. I thoroughly welcome,enjoy and appreciate your daily words of wisdom.They have inspired thought,provided comfort, and helped me to better understand myself. I truly believe that starting my day by reading your daily quote helps me to "set sail" with my heart full of kindness, peace and gratitude.

  11. I wanted to let you know what a lifeline your Daily Inspiration has been to me these past 6 months or so. Earlier this year, I left a job (my choice) I had been so passionate about but simply couldn't keep up with the stress of it (positive and negative) any longer. It was (and continues to be) a difficult transition. A friend suggested your site and e-newsletter around that time and I signed up - I have drawn daily hope and a renewed sense of promise from the simple messages you send out. While I am inundated with information of all sorts every day in my new position and in my daily life, your daily email is the one that I do open and find time to really read every day (although I haven't had a chance to really explore your website per se I do have it bookmarked as a favourite). I often follow the links to other resources and have been meaning to get a copy of your book Simply: An Inspired Life. Got to get on that :) Anyway - I just felt this was a good opportunity to say, simply, thank-you and hope I have provided some answers to your questions however vaguely!

  12. I am really inspired by the rich advice.


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