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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A great gift requires two people, the giver and the receiver. - jlh

A great gift requires two people, the giver and the receiver. Think of a football pass - skillfully catching the pass, the gift, is fully as important, and difficult, as throwing it.

In many ways, it is easier to be a good giver than a good receiver. The giver chooses the gift and the timing. More important, societal and religious traditions tend to elevate the status of giver and lower the status of receiver. When the Bible (Acts 20:32-35) speaks of it being more blessed to give than to receive, I believe that a better translation might be "take" rather than "receive," as the context of that passage is "coveting." Certainly there is nothing blessed about coveting, stealing, begging, or demanding, however the skill of graciously receiving a freely offered gift is another matter entirely.

Whether the gift is a polka-dot bow-tie or something the receiver appreciates deeply, there is great honor in both the giving and the receiving of gifts.

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