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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A life lived in fear is a life half lived

A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
- Anonymous

The most painful and debilitating fear is fear of the unknown. Something bad MIGHT happen tomorrow, or five minutes from now, I'm worried...

Our greatest enemy is the belief that life is SUPPOSED to be safe. But life is always dangerous, and eventually fatal. Our opportunity for happiness lies in CHOOSING to live without fear of the unknown, not because life is not dangerous, but because life IS, by its very nature, a hazardous undertaking.

Remember that life is an ADVENTURE, and cheer Wheee... all the way down the slippery razor-blade of life.

[The phrase "razor-blade of life" comes from the 1960's Tom Lehrer song, Bright College Days... "Soon we'll be out, amid the cold world's strife. Soon we'll be sliding down the razor blade of life."]

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  1. I really like all the quotes and inspirational messages. it gives me strength and guides me in all decisions.

    thank you so much

  2. I love this qoute.. thank you so much for writing this.. I live and die by this.
    God bless you =)

  3. Many use their writings to destroy and intimated but you are using yours to inspire and bless- God bless you Sir.

  4. I love all your quotes but, this one is something special because it deal with worrying about things you can not change. God Bless you and your staff for keeping all of us up lifted.


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