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Monday, April 20, 2009

Let me bring peace into moments of chaos - jlh

Let me bring peace into moments of chaos.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

How often we have times that try our patience and our sanity. Our boss is having an angry day and makes unreasonable demands. The driver in the next lane gives us the finger. Our neighbor rants how if he ran the town, he would just kill off all the dogs and cats, and if he were president, he would just bomb all the SOBs. Our instinctive reaction is to get angry and fight back.

In times like that, pause, and consider how life looks to that other individual. Although they are acting belligerent, in truth they are very much afraid of life. In their reality, life is a dangerous and fearful undertaking, and their instinct is to respond aggressively to that perceived danger.

At such times, consider breathing deeply and slowly, and thinking compassionate thoughts about that person. If it fits your belief system, pray for the anger, pain, hatred, and fear to be washed from their souls. If it fits your belief system, have an intention for their well-being, and send them healing energy. Whatever your belief system, know that they are troubled and wish inner-peace for them.

I strongly recommend that you express your prayers and intentions silently. Saying openly to an angry person, "I pray for you to receive inner-peace." is almost certain to provoke an even angrier reaction.

By establishing a compassionate intention toward an angry person, you can then maintain your own inner peace as you interact with them.


  1. Thank you - I needed to read this. I have two neighbors who are continually angry and looking for someone to direct their anger to & unfortunately, I have been the target on several occasions for absolutely no reason. I know they are miserable people or they wouldn't always be so angry but I need to pray for them and keep my inner peace. Have a blessed day!

  2. It is wonderful to think of bringing peace to others, and I so sincerely hope I can do this in life, but I can never do this so effectively as when I deeply seek peace for myself first. Only when I make a decision for myself to seek peace above all else do I have the ability to truly pass it on to others. Funny how this seems to work.

  3. I also appreciate your advice. I too have been the target of my neighbors anger due to my cats' natural instict of hunting, which lands him on their roof from time to time. I have practiced patience with their large dog barking continually in the middle of the night for over two years, only to have them come to my door concerned that my cat is going to ruin their newly upgraded home. I found their complaint so petty, that my natural instict was to get angry and just forget that they are my neighbors and purposely no longer choose to associate with them. Your idea seems better. And I will give it a try. But, it's gonna be hard!

  4. Remember the song, 'Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me'.

  5. This is a very good thought..

  6. Great post :) Thanks.

  7. As a Believer in Jesus Christ, I firmly stand on
    following the "Love Walk". When I first gave my
    heart to Him, my prayer was to walk the Love Walk He walked and to teach me how. Keeping the
    peace is wonderful when we understand that all
    people have issues, and our Sin Nature is self-centred. Hating the Sin and loving the people keeps us from hurting ourselves and loosing our
    peace. Praying for our enemies releases the hurt and changes them. Thank you for this message, it confirms my Faith even more.

  8. I really think this spoke to me today. God spoke to me today.
    Peace to all.

  9. some say being peaceful, is a sign weakness, but actually its being strong, being peaceful is divine, and being divine is being above normal circumstances, peace is foundation of all Human development.


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