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Friday, March 6, 2009

Affirmations of an Inspired Life - Young-Adult Version

For the young adults in your life, this is a plain-spoken version of Eight Points of An Inspired Life - Keys to Happiness

1. I'm OK
2. I've Always Been OK
3. I Like Myself
4. I Think For Myself
5. I Have a Great Future
6. I Can Do Anything - Starting Right Now
7. This is Fun
8. Thank God

1. I'm OK - I'm alive and I have myself. My happiness does not depend on owning things, having money, or pleasing other people.

2. I've Always Been OK - Whenever I have been unhappy, it was because I blamed someone else, or myself, for something that happened. As soon as I stop blaming, and start forgiving everyone - others and myself - for everything, I begin to feel better about my past.

3. I Like Myself - I always do my best. Sometimes my best doesn't seem to be good enough, and I feel angry or afraid, or seem to have failed at what I tried. That's OK. My best is always good enough. I'm proud of myself and I like myself.

4. I Think For Myself - I CHOOSE to lead a happier life by gathering all the facts and making my own decisions. I choose NOT to "follow the crowd," and I choose NOT to just do what my friends do without thinking for myself.

5. I Have a Great Future - I welcome God into my mind and into my dreams. Whatever future I believe in, I can have, with God on my side.

6. I Can Do Anything - Starting Right Now. I have my dream, I have God, and I choose to move in the direction of my goal, even when I am afraid or unsure. Whenever I fall, I stand up, brush myself off, and keep moving toward my goal.

7. This is Fun - Life is like a party game. The rules of the game of life have never been clear, and they keep changing during the game. Forget winning or losing, and just have fun.

8. Thank God - I thank God for everything, and I trust God with my life.


  1. Being still a child at heart, I LOVE this! Simply expressed, it says it all. Thanks(again) Jonathan!

  2. This is wonderfully simple. Even if I tried to memorize these affirmations and I could only remember 3 or 4 of them, it is helpful and makes my day. Thank You!

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  4. Thank you so much for this great affirmation. First thing in the moring is reading your daily quote, then starts my day. I really love this type of affirmation. It's pretty helpful for young adult. It would be great if you can have more affirmations posting weekly. Thanks again.

  5. Your language is usually more universal - why all the emphasis on God instead of Spirit or Universe? I'm sure it's okay for many, but for others it can be offensive. I will try to look past this one so I can continue to enjoy your messages...

  6. Whitedaisy99... Have you seen http://www.dreamthisday.com/daily-positive-affirmations.php

  7. Anonymous-your language... Take a look at http://blog.dreamthisday.com/2009/03/perspectives-on-nature-of-god-which-of.html
    The word God means different things to different people. To me it means #5. I hope everyone will supply their own interpretation for God as for Spirit, Universe, or Higher Power.

  8. I never think for myself,always for my parents just living but now we both me and my parents are in trouble.think why?because if we both think for each other than batter.So lession is that think first for your self.God will help them who help their self own.
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  9. Thank God - I thank God for everything, and I trust God with my life. I like this statement just the way it is. We can all have our "own interpretation" of God but our thinking isn't going to change who he is, but adopting his thinking can change who we are.

  10. I am an affirmation believer. I like your incorporation of "I can have..." and "I want to have..." because you're right, your conscious mind will fight you on it (whatever 'it' is); and the add on helps to subdue the fighting. The point is to keep saying it until your mind believes that you can and both body and mind will become in tune (harmony) to make what you want to achieve possible


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