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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Many Religions, One Divine

A common denominator of all religions is that they have the power to bring out the best and the worst in people.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

sailboatThe Divine is all in the perspective we take on it.
- jlh

Today is a day to look at our beliefs from different and broader perspectives. What are our values, and what is our viewpoint toward Spirit and toward Unity with All Creation?

The child to the right is from Peru, the child below from Egypt.
the path

I wrap the potential for bitterness, resentment, martyrdom in the blanket of forgiveness and just set it down. Then it just melts in the warmth. And goes away.
- mary anne radmacher

Celebration around the globe...

Humans have sensed the Divine from before history

Who are any of us to question the sincere beliefs of others?

Choose to Celebrate All of Life

Choose to view the Divine and All of Life from the perspective of Celebration. Celebrate family, celebrate friends, celebrate love, celebrate different perspectives, celebrate all of life.

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  1. Growing up, living with my parents who had two different religions, Jonathan,I can firmly relate with your statement concerning religion's power to bring out the best and worst in people. Seesee


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