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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

George Bernard Shaw: We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
- George Bernard Shaw
Life is to be taken lightly - by those who wish to be happy and by those who wish to age gracefully. - jlh


  1. Your thoughts for the day have been making major changes in my thinking, which, of course, changes my life.

    The one for today about the bad news and the good news is both humerous and a huge relief. Just what I need during a difficult time when I have been left to take care of everything regarding an upcoming move, etc.

    Today, I will meet my friend for lunch as planned, and then just come home and love my dog.

    I look for your emails every day. Please, please keep these coming.


  2. Jonathan, what Emily said above (or below, depending on the posting order) is true, so true. Imagine the people like Emily for whom you are making a tremendous difference, how many are reading your work and may not have posted a comment yet. I would not be surprised if for every person who writes, there are hundreds who haven’t. And I know my saying that won’t overinflate your ego - it is simply an acknowledgement of what you are doing and a way to say thank you.

    This day in particular (July 1, 2009), as it is for Emily, is a great day for me to hear that “I am not as important as I thought I was” and the good and bad news held therein. Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life in terms of a heart wrenching and gut wrenching divorce with two children and their four grandparents involved. Hours of phone calls, yelling, tears for many. But after sincere prayer I tried once more in the evening and was met with kindness, remorse, and forgiveness. As I told my parents afterward, things needed to hit bottom before they could really start to improve. And maybe now they can. Stated more intentionally: with prayerful guidance, things WILL improve. Your words hit the mark today because we ALL need to realize our smallness in God’s grand scheme of things. It is a relief, as Emily said. And interestingly, that last 90 minute phone call WAS during a long walk in the woods, as you suggested. So much clarity is gained in those walks.

    I concluded the conversation with this, words that I could hear you saying and maybe you have: “Live life joyfully, live life lovingly.” I explained that joy is something you can receive (feel) and can share with others, in a way giving it to them. Love is something you can give freely, and in turn receive. So I like the combination of those words in a sentence.

    As Emily said, thank you for your inspiration, and please keep it coming.


  3. Jonathan,
    That Good and Bad News quote was a great one which, as said by Emily and Glenn gives lot of thought to those who are going through a bad time or had a very bad time in recent days.
    Thanks for inspiring the people.The role which you are playing might really change some lives.


  4. Beautiful Post Glenn, and Jonathan... As always I love love love hearing from you each day.

    Living life joyfully and lovingly... YES!

    Keep walking... keep that clarity focused on the greater good in all things. We are so small compared to the tall tree's. Yet, even they are temperary. Find joy in the hummingbirds that seem larger than life at times. Or so they think! GRIN.

    Love and compassion to others... and self.

  5. Thank you Jonathan for your inspirational messages. I am a Believer in Jesus Christ and
    was led to subscribe to your site. God knows how
    to encourage us and He uses people like you to
    help us remain focused on the important things
    in Life. When we stay possitive, it infects others and gets passed on. No wonder you are so
    blessed, you give freely of your Gift and I thank God for you.


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