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Monday, December 1, 2008

How to Deal with Anger - How to Deal with Fear

How to Avoid Panic and Cope with Emotional Devastation

What if you lost your job? Or your retirement savings? Or you got hit financially, as well as physically, by a crippling illness?

There is still life beyond disappointment, beyond anger, beyond fear, and beyond material wealth. And that life can still be joyful.

It is much more painful to have lost something you thought you had, than never to have had it at all. If feels as if our trust was dashed. We are disappointed and we are angry; but not quite sure at who to direct our anger. Someone, perhaps "the system," perhaps God, should have done better. Most of all we are angry at ourselves - even though we did our best - and we are afraid.

Take a deep breath, and prepare to look at life from a different perspective... How much money you have is a relatively small part of what creates happiness. There are people in this world who truly don't have the ability to find their next meal, but since you are reading this article on the internet, you probably aren't in that situation. Once people have food, shelter, and a few basics, happiness is no longer much related to money. Happiness comes from self-worth, healthy pride, family and friends, and viewing life from a perspective of seeing joy in all of life.

Now is a good time to be grateful for what we have, and to live a simple life. What matters most cannot be bought. Breathe deeply, and have gratitude. Life is Good. Beauty is free. Friends are free. Love is free.

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