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May the world be kind to you, and may your own thoughts be gentle upon yourself. - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Life is magnificent - just as it comes.

May your mind whirl joyful cartwheels of creativity.
May your heart sing sweet lullabies of timelessness.
May your essence be the nectar of the open blossom of your joy.
May your spirit soar throughout the vast cathedral of your being.
- jonathan lockwood huie

Life is magnificent - just as it comes. Life has no need for fancy clothes, or lipstick. Life is no pig. Our life is the greatest gift of all creation. When we are unhappy with life - when we are shocked by the stock market, or dismayed by our choice of political candidates, let's not lash out in anger. But also, let's not try to pretty up life with some lipstick and some party clothes. See life clearly - no rose colored glasses - and then CHOOSE to love life. CHOOSE to be happy, be joyful, be grateful, be forgiving of everyone and of every act we believe has hurt us. Life just "IS." We get to CHOOSE our relationship with life.

Life is all in the perspective we take on it. - jlh

Today is a day to look at our life from different and broader perspectives. As we watch the stock market plummet, real estate values continue to decline, and our employment future in question, today would be a good day to look at our lives from a perspective of thankfulness for what we have and a perspective of wonder at our very existence and the magnificence of the world we live in.

Unexpected events can set you back or set you up. It's all a matter of - perspective. - mary anne radmacher

Life can look different from a distance: Put some distance between yourself and whatever is concerning you. Distance in space or time always creates a new perspective.

Get up-close-and-personal: Life looks different when you really get involved.

Look at Life in a Different Light: Shine a bright light on your issues, or turn off the spotlight and take a broader view.

Look from a Different Angle: Approach life from a new angle. Assume nothing.

Pretend You Just Got to America: We just don't see what is familiar. When we go to a foreign land we really SEE because we don't already ASSUME what will be there. Pretend your community is a foreign land and really SEE it. SEE your blessings.

See Life as Play: Who said that life has to be serious?

See How Blessed We Are: We have more comfort, more wealth, and better health than ever before in history or anywhere else in the world. If we are not happy, perhaps we should count our blessings.

Choose to See Beauty and Joy: Much in life can be seen as ugly or beautiful - it's our choice. Why would we choose to see any part of life as ugly?

Choose to Celebrate Life: Choose to view life from the perspective of Celebration. Celebrate family, celebrate friends, celebrate love, celebrate different perspectives, celebrate and give thanks for all of life.


  1. One of the most strongest statements one can make is, HOW IS YOUR LIFE. I did not say how is that new car you drive, I did not say how is that nice home you live in, I did not say how is that good job you have. I said HOW IS YOUR LIFE. Because you should not connect your self worth to ones net worth. Because you can not have the perfect day unless you have done something for somebody else.


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