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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cyanide Happiness - What Kind of Happiness?

That someone would name a comic strip Cyanide and Happiness, speaks volumes about the age in which we live. OK, so the comic is edgy and sometimes funny. OK, so it dances lightly with the subject of Death - and I cheer for that. OK, so it shoots some of our most revered "sacred cows" - just for sport - and I certainly applaud skewering beliefs that we believe just because our ancestors believed them.

In 21st Century America, many of us only look for happiness on the badass side of life. We play video games that keep our every neuron firing - constantly. We seek the tallest fastest roller coaster... the loudest band... the latest party... the drink, smoke, or drug with the biggest kick. We want the biggest, brightest, loudest, newest TV and iPod. We quest for MORE...

Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. - mary anne radmacher

What does it mean to "walk to the edge?" It might mean getting to level 37 on that "twitch" game or drinking seven giant margaritas and making it to work the next day. However, in a truly joyous and satisfying life, "walking to the edge" is about living into our full potential and being all we can be. Not in the sense of material wealth and prestige, but by becoming someone that we are proud to be... someone we honor... our own greatest hero. Let's ask ourselves, do we want to live on the edge of sensory pleasures - or on the edge of our ability to create a meaningful life.

What if happiness were found in the serenity of simple pleasures. What if we didn't need the newest gizmo... the highest high? What if happiness is in the air we breathe... slowly, deeply, and consciously? What if happiness is one fresh grape, savored with gratitude? What if happiness is in our oneness with all creation? What if happiness is about enjoying life exactly as it comes to us - without chasing after it? What if happiness is something we CHOOSE... regardless of our circumstances?

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