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Monday, October 27, 2008

Our own perspective on life

Each one of us has our own perspective on everything we see in life. - jlh

I took this picture on the beach near my house. Looking at this picture, I see a beautiful beach that is teaming with natural life - birds, mollusks, fish. Deer walk this beach. Sea otters play here. In the foreground, I see an antique - a piece of history - lying on this beach. I don’t know whether storms have recently removed layers of sand from this truck axle, or whether the storms have recently brought the antique here from far away. It doesn’t matter. Either way, this axle, these tires, are a part of history and have a story to tell. While I personally will never know their story, there’s a story here - a bit of history. Like a miniature Roman Coliseum or Stonehenge, this axle played a role in lives now past. Ugly? Beautiful? Personally, I find this section of beach especially compelling. For me, this historic object adds to the interest of the area. Each one of us has our own perspective on everything we see in life.

A quote from LIVE BOLDLY
it is a better thing to weigh and measure priorities in the illuminating light of your own mission than to have your activities formed by the impressions and expectations of others.
- mary anne radmacher

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