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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Life is not supposed to be fair." - jlh

There is a secret wisdom-of-the-ages that holds the key to breaking our cycle of self-imposed suffering. The secret wisdom is, "Life is not supposed to be fair." - jlh   This is not sad news. This is GLORIOUS news! Life is not broken. Nothing is wrong. God has not failed, died, or gone on vacation. The world is working perfectly. We just misunderstood. Somewhere along the way, someone got the idea that life was "supposed" to be "fair," and all the trouble started - expectation, disappointment, resentment, anger - a whole cycle of suffering that began with the belief that life is "supposed" to be "fair." If you still think that life is supposed to be fair, read National Geographic or watch Animal Planet. Humans are not exempt from the nature of life. We admit to our children at a fairly young age that the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause are fairy tales. Why not prevent immeasurable suffering and confess to our children at that same age that life is not supposed to be fair?

a quote from LIVE BOLDLY

i awakened. is that not a wonderful statement? - mary anne radmacher


  1. The above paragraph holds good with the practical aspect of life. Let me quote a famous line from the book " YOU CAN WIN- Shiv Kera"..
    "God gives you the problem ,Only after seeing ur ability to solve it "

  2. To the Anonymous April 25, 2009 1:28 AM.
    How true that statement about God giving you the
    problem, only after seeing our ability to solve it. If we could only learn to understand that Life is about personal growth and Faith in God,
    then the obstacles we face will be accepted as
    steppingstones to our progress rather then defeat. God is on our side, always.

  3. Yorm says
    HA ! WE SUFFER BECAUSE OF THE CHOICES THAT WE MAKE !! It all comes down to loving one another, every thing else is insignificant. God will ask you, what have you done to help humanity ??


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