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May the world be kind to you, and may your own thoughts be gentle upon yourself. - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

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Monday, March 23, 2009

FORGIVENESS - the second Point of Simply An Inspired Life

FORGIVENESS - the second Point of Simply An Inspired Life

I Forgive Myself with Compassion - I forgive everyone, especially myself, for all actions and all inactions throughout my entire life. I accept that no one else has ever been to blame for either my joy or my suffering. The entire cause of all my joys and all my sufferings is my own emotional response to the events of my life, and I am committed to consistently distinguishing between my feelings about events and the physical occurrence of those events. I declare that everyone who has ever played any role in any of the events of my life is entirely without fault.

Why Forgive? I'm angry. They wronged me, why should I forgive them? They lied, they cheated, why should I forgive them?

Forgiveness is not a reprieve or a gift that we give to someone else. Forgiveness for another's act or omission is a reprieve and gift that we give ourself. We are the one who suffers the upset and the anger when we feel that we have been wronged. It is our own blood pressure that rises when we hold on to resentment.

Give yourself the gift of forgiving others, not because "they" deserve it, but because you deserve the serenity and joy that comes from releasing resentment and anger, and from embracing universal forgiveness.


  1. So true - sometimes easier said than done but very true.

  2. It's true-but how can you forget the all the wrong things that have been done to you throughout your life. It is in your brain like in a computer. If anyone has the magic answer on how to get thoughts out of your brain, I would like to know!!!


  4. Forgiving is easier said than done. How do you forgive a cheating spouse and as a result of his cheating comes a child?

  5. Having been an Alcoholic most of my Life, I gave
    my Heart to the Lord Jesus when I was at the end
    of my rope. Not only did this decision free me from Alcoholism but also Forgiveness. It may not be for everyone but the Truth is He died for
    every single person and He is the Way, the Truth
    and the Life. I couldn't forgive on my own but when He poured His loving Spirit into me by my receiving Him as Lord and Saviour, learning of Him through His word, my thinking pattern changed because if He could forgive me my sins, then why should I hold others sins against them?
    Maybe this will help someone. God bless, and
    Forgiveness frees us up to be truly happy.

  6. Forgivness, is the fragrance, the violet sheds upon the heel that crushed it.
    Think about it, then try it, it works. Gj

  7. Wow...this to the one with a cheating spouse with a child. I have no answers for you and I'm sure it is such an ordeal. I am currently struggling with forgiving my cheating spouse who chose to be with a 21 year old (he's 36) and leave me (his wife) and 6 year old daughter to be with her. When you or anyone finds out how to do this, please share the secret as it is eating me up.

  8. Anonymos

    First of all I would like to say I know how you feel and it has taken me years to forgive a boyfriend and could not image the heartache of a husband cheating.

    But I would have to say that you are better off with out him. I am sure that he has moved on with his life. So you need to stop giving him the power to control your life, your emotions as it is taking away from you and your daughter. Time to live your life to the fullest.

  9. You get past the painful things that have happened in life, by walking through the pain, and not around it. You also must acknowledge that absolutely everything is happening in perfect order, and how you react to it, will determine who you become. The longer you think about the past, the longer you will live in the past. You have to look at everything that comes your way and say, "yes, that happened to me, it was painful, I forgive that person, I will never treat anyone like that, and I will make a differnce other peoples lives who are in pain"

    See, we heal ourselves, when we help others heal. This is a Universal Law. What you give away, you always get back. Believe this and start seeing your life transform! It's true!

  10. awe so so true, when I had to 2 things happen to me in my life I had to learn to forgive...my soulmate was taken away by a drunk driver. then remarried and was beaten by a extremely over jealousy man that put me in a coma that left me for dead...
    I had to forgive the acts and still love the ppl...
    or I would have so much hate and anger built up in side me and die myself
    have a blessed day to all you learn to rise depend on your higher power, and angels on high to pull u thru.
    my angel my soulmate is still with me in spirit
    thank you father

  11. True forgiveness yields a chain reaction.If A&B can forgive me, why can't I forgive C&D? If one person does this, it can go around the world and the world will be a better place. Tell some one who wronged you that you forgive him/her and all you want is for him/her to do same to some one else.(whatch this comes back to you)

  12. I know in my heart this is true, however, I am finding it so hard to forgive my spouse of 30 years, for having an affair! I blame myself at times! It is wrong to think that I want him to hurt as much as I do, and I feel like I'm a bad Christian because I can't forgive him! I hope someday it will come, but right now, I am filled with betrayal, anger,& guilt. Will forgiveness ever come?

  13. Forgiveness for something big is something you have to work at a little bit each day. Forgive yourself for finding it hard to forgive.


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