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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don't believe yourself.

Don't believe me. Don't believe yourself. Don't believe anybody else.
- don Miguel Ruiz

Liar is a strong word, but we are all liars. Not in the sense of intentionally speaking untruths, but in the sense of carrying so much historical and emotional baggage that none of us is believable. To lie means to speak an untruth, and virtually everything that comes out of our mouth is an untruth - an opinion, an assumption, a point-of-view based on our past.

Try-on don Miguel's idea and never believe that anyone's speaking - especially your own - is the literal truth. Consider all ideas as interesting points-of-view that are worth considering and may prove useful - nothing more.


  1. I must not forget my word's could hurt another person. I need to not say unproductive word's. When all I really needed to say was I feel differently than you do? This doesn't agree or disagree with a person, it just say's what you mean.

  2. It is what it is ~ a staement of wholeness

  3. THis is really true. i called my ex-boyfriend liar and now we are not together.

  4. This IS the ultimate truth, very wise!!!!

  5. The question is about the INTENT of a lie...If one unintentionally tells 'the untruth', does this make him or her a 'liar' per se?? Surely the word 'liar' (being the negative, derogatory terminology it is), only relates to one who intentionally lies?
    A question for the mighty JLH...

  6. I used the word "liar" to provoke thought and contemplation. Any word means only what you think it means. But in the spirit of this little article, don't believe me - that is, don't take anything I say literally.

  7. is a belief a perception of the five senses or is it a perception of emotional feeling? is it better to say "i sense" and/or "i feel"? is it better to say " i know" than "i believe"? is belief based on experience or on a idea? my thinking is that belief/believing is a very missed used word.

  8. I can believe anyone and everyone.... there is no reason for not to believe someone..... how you will feel if no one wants to believe you... :)

  9. This brings to mind the importance of perception, and that each one of us has different ones based on our own life experiences ...

  10. To "is a belief": GREAT questions. I posted a LONG reply at http://blog.dreamthisday.com/2009/09/nature-of-beliefs.html

    To "I can believe": Check out my long reply I mentioned above. It is my preference that no one takes anything I say as the literal universal truth, but I do hope that my opinions are respected and cause other to contemplate their own belief systems. My intention is that what I say be a spur to inquiry.

  11. Kiss
    Keep it short and simmple
    Day to day life is best kept uncomplicated
    Plan for yourself and the rest will fall into place.
    I go to work I do my job
    I go home I run my life

  12. "Let God be true and every man a liar" sounds
    familiar? That's the Truth, and if we recognize this Truth, we will enjoy Life and each other by sharing the Truth we do know and loving our neighbour as we love ourselves. Leaving it up to God to lead us into all Truth.
    Life is too short not to be enjoyed. Thank you Jonathan for contributing to our Life's the Truth that you know.