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May the world be kind to you, and may your own thoughts be gentle upon yourself. - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Friday, September 5, 2008

Question your questions

Question your questions.
question every assumption & expectation
- jonathan lockwood huie

Often, we get stuck on a question for which we can't find an acceptable answer. That is a good time to consider asking a different question. Every question is based on some assumptions - usually invisible assumptions that we don't see, unless we go looking.

"How can I get my boss to give me the raise I deserve and need?" is that sort of question. Question the question. What are my priorities in life? How do I value money relative to play, family, friends, health? How could I redesign my life to need less money? Whatever your questions are, question them.
A quote from LIVE BOLDLY
A well timed question is more impacting than an answer.
- mary anne radmacher


  1. I'm just wondering why can't you ask the original question? If you want more money, perhaps there's a constructive way to ask for it?

  2. Do you REALLY want money, or do you want something you think money can buy for you?

    Read http://www.quotes-daily.com/2008/11/story-of-money.html

  3. i am so afraid to ask why, because i think everything that happens is planned for us from above.

    1. I am with this one because I do not need to question.

  4. To "i am so afraid to ask why": If you believe in a compassionate deity, there is nothing to worry about. If you believe in a deity that wants harm for you, you might consider creating a new belief system for yourself.

  5. Had money, got divorced as price was too high to pay for this "comfort", single, worked hard and earned college degree and got a job I truly loved. Car accident, lost money, had to go on disability, limited resources, BUT feel more contented now. It has been challenging at times, but discovered that "wealth" isn't only monetary...

  6. Idols worship is more stronger where there is least value of human beings.Our Ancestors taught us their philosophy to live in harmony by following do or do not do platform with simple common senses.


  7. Why question? Aanswers are within your question, Just look into your Karma than do not try to understand The Infinite which remain beyond human comprehensions or manifestations who preaches Laws of karma of "do or not to do" philosophies.

  8. I just want to say how much I appreciate you and your generous work, Jonathan. I didn't get much guidance when young, and have always loved quotes to be able to be exposed to both wisdom and the opportunity of internal response to others' way of seeing. I love your own, as well as the wealth of other voices you bring to us, and I have been helped today and many other times by something I've found in your work. I am very grateful. THANK YOU.