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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pravs World quotes and images - Pravs J inspires India, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka

Pravs J's Pravs World quotes and images provide inspiration to India, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

Pravs J is the virtual name of a young man from Mumbai who has been anonymously providing inspiring quotes and images over the internet for the last ten years at pravsworld.com and more recently pravstalk.com. India, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka, and to some extent, Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore have been captivated by the inspirational quotes he superimposes over graceful pictures. The words are seldom Pravs J's own, but are are carefully selected famous and not so famous inspiring quotes and short stories - which are seldom attributed to their authors.

Pravs J describes himself as a biker and cricket fan who frequents internet cafes. His modest dreams include being President of India and driving a Formula 1 racing car.

"I believe life's rich experiences need to be shared with others - for me this is the way one builds knowledge." - Pravs J


  1. I am Prav's fan. He is really a wizard, wellwisher, motivater and all in my life. Thanks

  2. Pravs World has some awesome, thoughtful quotes.


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