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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Have a Conversation with God, Today

For many, the phrase "conversations with God" refers to the Neale Donald Walsch book of that title. Do I doubt that Mr. Walsch has dialogs with God? Not in the slightest. But I don't find conversing with God to be an exceptional or unusual occurrence. Is it miraculous to speak with God, to gain access to the wisdom of the ages, or just to ask God what he thinks about having maple syrup on your pancakes? Of course it is miraculous, but only in the sense that all of life is miraculous.

Conversations with God are very different from the usual nature of prayer. Prayers are commonly only in one direction - the one praying speaks and hopes God is listening. Prayers also tend to focus on asking for specific things or outcomes one wants, rather than seeking to better understand the mind of God.

Some of you already have daily chats with God. Some, like my Mother while she was among us, have a daily talk with Jesus. Others, are sure that the idea of a personal two-way conversation with God is poppycock. For those who have not yet experienced an intimate exchange of thoughts and feelings with God, let me offer a few suggestions for beginning the process.

1. Don't expect a blinding light on the road to Damascus. Don't expect a booming voice offering you stone tablets with the Ten Commandments inscribed. For most of us, the voice of God is very subtle, and can only be heard when we pay attention and listen.

2. Believe. Because the voice of God is usually a quiet voice, the slightest degree of skepticism allows us to dismiss God's message as just a daydream or as the result of something we ate for breakfast.

3. For some, conversations with God occur spontaneously. For others, structure and intent work better. Try the following sequence and see if it helps:

... Exercise or take a quiet walk for at least half an hour to quiet your body.

... Stand or sit quietly while breathing deeply for five minutes to quiet your mind. If you know Qigong or Yoga, these are even more effective ways of quieting your body and mind.

... In total silence, sit with your back straight, your hands on your thighs with palms upward, and your feet flat on the floor. Raise your head slightly, close your eyes lightly, and raise your eyes. It is natural, and a sign that you are open to communication, if your eyelids begin to flutter.

... State your affirmation that you are in communication with God, and begin your conversation.

4. For some people, the voice of God expresses itself better in writing. Try holding a pen as you talk to God, and let His words flow onto your paper with as little thought as possible on your part.

Don't be discouraged if intimacy with God evades you at first. You are equally the child of God whether you are able to tune in to a personal dialog with God, or whether stress, worry, and fear interfere and create static on the line. Seek out others who do share intimate conversations with God and let them share with you the comfort they receive from direct communication.


  1. Thank you, Mr Huie, for such a wonderful article! My mother talked to her heavenly Father every day until she passed away. I too used to talk to Him, but have not done so for a few years. Thank you for reminding me how beautiful it can be to have a personal relationship with Him!

  2. I so agree with you! It has been so many years since I have done this! I have been too busy with work and home that God had taken a back seat in my life! I will fix my time to do it again. As a Good Father, He had not forgotten me, even as I continue to go on my everyday duties. Thank you for reminding me to re-connect that direct line to God and call Him, and talk to Him about just anything under the sun!

  3. Has a young child began a special communation with god, at times he was the oonly one i could talk to. We forget as adult that he will always be there for us. And that we can do all thing though him,and that he loves us. thank you for reminding me that i am never without him. All i have to do is open the lines of communation, he will answer.

  4. Having conversations with God is true, whether in conversation or writing. My dear wife of nearly 50 years passed away 2 years ago. I have seen her many times and have conversed with her. One morning last summer I woke up and wrote a letter from "the messenger", who named another wonderful woman who was sent to me to marry. My wife and I had known her for 30 years and she was a single parent mother for about 25 years. she and I were married last summer and plan to serve God in many villages in Africa in health care.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your miracle. Miracles truly are available to each of us.

  6. I have talked to God all my life. He answers in His own way. You really do have to pay attention. I always take my dog out and tell him were are going for a walk with God. It is so special for the three of us. It is much more enjoyable. Jeannie. Thankyou Jonathan.

  7. every morning, i get down on my knees and prayto God..then as i feel such a wqrm presence in my heart i start my day..i x-country ski and all the time i am out there in HIS nature...i am constantly amazed of the good things that come my way...it truly is a blessing to pray...but equally just chatting with our heavenly father assures us og guidance

  8. This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing this post. I definitely write in my journal - I have a prayer diary (talking about #4). I communicate w/ Him a lot better if I write, but then again I also talk to Him each night before bedtime too.

  9. Have a conversation with God 5 times a day thru SOLAT!!

  10. thank you jonathan, may i call you this way...
    you give me some kind of confidence in myself to trust and be hopeful that someday, somehow, god will give me the right answers i deserved. i am trying to conquer the fear zone of my life and very willing to enter the happiness zone i longed for. god is the only one who can make me the person he wanted me to be. but i must be willing to do anything to abide with his will. true love came too late but only god can make me understand how to deal with it. i am in my most difficult situation as a human being at this point in time. but only god can bring me to the destiny he has planned for me. i give it all to him and i trust and have faith that i will be given a fair deal. i talk to god and in the silence of my heart i knew he is working in me to keep me the way it should be.

  11. thank you so much for this beautiful way of talking with god...i have been in conversation with god and i knew that he listens. i do it anytime, since i live by myself. there is no let up. i just knew i have his precious time with me. i cry out whatever pains me. i give him all my cares and concerns. i knew he is there..at my side looking at me and listening intensely. i knew he gives me comfort after our conversation. i breathe freely and my fears gone. the silence gives me the feeling that he is there to give me his love..his hand to support me. it is a beautiful feeling to know that god is always there listening no matter how boring i might be. i seem to see him sitting silently beside me or holding me close to him. thank you lord for the grace of listening to me. knowing me through and through you never quit on me. i am in a bad situation right now...very sick for a long while. he is there for me..listening as i cry for help. he is my rock and my saviour. and i believe that i get better because of him.

  12. Thank you for sharing this simple method. I have a small little experience of my own when I had this conversation with God. I was about 18 year old and was very excited about my first relationship. It was such an important phase of my life then ( I am 24 now , looking back it seems very awkward & funny ! ) So we met online,talked over the phone,exchanged pictures and really liked each other a lot , we both were looking forward to this relationship . It was the day we planned to meet up, I prayed to God as a part of my daily routine just before leaving my house. I didnt really say anything or ask anything, it was just like talking to my best bud -sharing that exciting moment with him. And I suddenly heard- This will end today itself! I felt like I heard a voice- very clear & affirmative . I was scared at that moment because of the thought of losing him. But in the next few minutes , I said to myself-come on , this is not logical because we are both so excited about all this and this has to go great. That day I realized it was Gods voice talking to me. We really did mess up everything, not only the date was a disaster but the same day we decided to part. I never had that experience again in my life. Today I have the best partner any girl would want. I strongly believed that I had connected to God at that moment, I dont know how!

  13. I really do believe God sees everything happening on Earth as He has already proved that to me. Some very astonishing things have happenend that most people wouldn't even believe. But I don't care, because I know it's true. He is always watching and ready to help if needed. They say all you have to do is ask. And if you don't, He still manages to help just when you need it most. Really amazing!!


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