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May the world be kind to you, and may your own thoughts be gentle upon yourself. - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Thursday, April 2, 2009

CELEBRATION - the seventh Point of Simply An Inspired Life

CELEBRATION - the seventh Point of Simply An Inspired Life
I Dance with a Light Heart - I play with life, laugh with life, dance lightly with life, and smile at the riddles of life, knowing that life's only true lessons are writ small in the margin.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. - Albert Einstein

Celebration has many different outfits but she always wears the same beautiful dancing shoes. - mar

The beauty does not live out there; the beauty's in my eyes. - jlh

Today is your day to dance lightly with life. It really is. today is your day to dance lightly with life, sing wild songs of adventure, invite rainbows & butterflies out to play, soar your spirit, and unfurl your joy.

Smile. Today would be a wonderful day not to take life so seriously. Today may end up the way you prefer ‐ and it may not. Happiness is not about being a winner ‐ it's about being gentle with life ‐ being gentle with yourself. Let life be a dance, and choose the kind of dance you want for today ‐ perhaps a gentle loving dance.

"Life is not supposed to be fair." ‐ jlh
There is a secret wisdom-of-the-ages that holds the key to breaking our cycle of self-imposed suffering. The secret wisdom is, "Life is not supposed to be fair."
v This is not sad news. This is GLORIOUS news! Life is not broken. Nothing is wrong. God has not failed, died, or gone on vacation. The world is working perfectly. We just misunderstood. Somewhere along the way, someone got the idea that life was "supposed" to be "fair," and all the trouble started ‐ expectation, disappointment, resentment, anger ‐ a whole cycle of suffering that began with the belief that life is "supposed" to be "fair."

If you still think that life is supposed to be fair, read National Geographic or watch Animal Planet. Humans are not exempt from the nature of life.

We admit to our children at a fairly young age that the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause are fairy tales. Why not prevent immeasurable suffering and confess to our children at that same age that life is not supposed to be fair?

Life is NOT "Supposed to be Fair": Know that there is no single way that life is "supposed" to be. Demanding that life meet our expectations is a sure fire recipe for a miserable existence. Life is a game with no rules. Life just happens to us regardless of our best intentions. Our only path to happiness lies in being open to receiving whatever life throws at us ‐ with Gratitude. Have NO Expectations of life.

Life is a constant opponent, and an overpowering adversary if attacked directly. The successful and happy ones dance lightly with life ‐ a parry here, a feint there ‐ always engaged, but never in the direct line of life's heaviest blows.

Dance Lightly With Life: Life does not have to be a serious undertaking. You will make mistakes, you will feel regrets, and eventually, you will die ‐ so what? Happiness comes from dancing lightly with life ‐ playing hopscotch on the river of life ‐ leaping gracefully from joy to joy while laughing at the threats of calamity ‐ even laughing hysterically at our human frailness when we do fall into the muddy torrent.

The moment you start seeing life as nonserious, a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears. All the fear of death, of life, of love everything disappears. - Osho


  1. Wow.. i love reading this!

  2. nourishing food for thought...

  3. I noticed there is a quote from Osho above.
    After reading all his books quite a while ago,
    I found a web site link of his: "Ohso.com".
    His books are very mind bogling and against the norm. I love them! There is another web site: "Webcasting No Thought for the Day". Wish you have no trouble finding them. Sometimes I do. Osho, in the past, was known as "Shree Rajineesh". He was born in Kuchwada, Madhya Pradesh, India on Dec.11, l931. from Seesee

  4. SeeSee... Thanks for adding the info on Osho. I think there is a typo in your comment and you mean osho.com

    Osho, who died in 1990, was a highly controversial figure. Many of his teachings were highly insightful, but the personality cult that surrounded him was questionable at best. The controversy continues with questions regarding the copyright to his writings by the Osho International Foundation, which runs osho.com

    In including quotes by Osho, I continue my practice of presenting material that I believe has value, regardless of whatever else the person I quote has said or done.


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