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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beware the Rattlesnake of the Mind - jlh

Beware the Rattlesnake of the Mind
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie
Obviously, "Rattlesnake of the Mind" is a metaphor, and it is inspired by the Zen term, "Monkey Mind," which refers to the mind's tendency to invent an unending sequence of creative stories about everything we see and hear.

You are not your mind. You, a Spiritual BEing, are neither your mind nor your body. Mind and body are your tools - to use as you choose. Sometimes your body appears to have a will of its own, as when it twitches or pains. Likewise, your mind often appears to have its own will. That incessant chattering of regret, disappointment, guilt, shame, foreboding, worry, and fear is your Rattlesnake Mind striking off on its own.

Know that your mind can be a vicious rattlesnake, and be cautious. The mind can be tamed, but only with conscious effort and patience.


  1. No rattlesnakes here! ;o) Was already aware that I am not this body - that it's just an instrument for my use in this material plane of existence. Likewise, the mind, thoughts... and the resulting emotions.

    However, if 'i' (ego)(conditioned mind) lose perspective, lose detachment and start seeing my mind as a rattlesnake or anything else negative, 'i' see myself as less than perfect, which I AM not.

    I AM perfect - I AM strong, gentle, shining spirit - I AM a loving, giving, caring, sharing healer and teacher of little children with special educational needs (roles I AM choosing to play on this journey of human existence)... and all the Love and positive joy that I AM expressing is never by using a rattlesnake. ;o)

    I AM in no need of taming the mind - it is nothing to be feared or 'controlled'. All I AM is here, now.

    I AM guessing that what Jonathan is trying to say is that we mustn't fall for the illusion of believing we are this body, are this mind... believing illusions are reality.

    Please feel free to 'correct' me or express your point of view, Jonathan. After all, I AM using the tool of the mind to express this... and it has been, certainly, a conditioned mind ;o)

    I love your website and daily posts. Don't stop.

    Unconditional Love and eternal joy to all.
    Namaste - I honour the true Self.
    X x X

  2. love_incarnate,

    First, as I believe you're aware, everything I say is merely my opinion, as what anyone else says is their opinion, so I would never presume to "correct" you. If my words cause people to dig a little deeper into their own thoughts and feelings about life, I feel happy and rewarded.

    Obviously, "Rattlesnake of the Mind" is a metaphor, and it's inspired by the Zen term, "Monkey Mind," which refers to the mind's tendency to invent an unending sequence of creative stories about everything we see and hear. For example... Imagine sitting in a restaurant and listening to the couple at the next table arguing. Few of us calmly observe that the noise in the room is interesting, and just continue enjoying our meal. More likely, we start to take sides. "He shouldn't talk to her like that. See, she's crying. ..." We have absolutely no idea what triggered their argument, who did what to who, and it's none of our business, yet the "monkey mind" can't let it alone.

    Our "rattlesnake minds" are also addicted to worrying. "What if today is the day someone launches one of those old Soviet nuclear bomb rockets? What if I get attacked by a shark? What if the world ends in 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends?" Sometimes our minds just run away with us.

    I am pleased for you if your mind is always your friend and ally. For me personally, the battle with my mind is ongoing. Every day my rattlesnake mind tries to convince me that this world is a fearful place, that I should mind other people's business, and a myriad of other ideas of suffering. Fortunately, every day brings me a greater ability to quickly recognize when my rattlesnake mind is running amok, and to regain my sense of unity, acceptance, and love for all.

    Thanks for your appreciation.

    Namaste and Hugs to you,

  3. love_incarnate, further...

    Yes, strong, gentle, shining spirit, you ARE perfect. Each of us is perfect. And it is perfect that our minds are in combat with our higher selves, or that they are not, as the case be.

    Thank you for your service to the special little children.

    Light and Joy,

  4. Jonathan, thankyou for this post, Rattlesnake mind. I AM a spiritual being. I have always thought of my body as a 'host' . But I am in constant dialog with my 'mind'. My body is in pain. I eat for comfort. I am obese. To-day, I feel for the first time that my spiritual being is stronger than my rattlesnake mind. Maybe after all the years of struggling and failing, I will overcome at last. Thank you Johathan for a very fresh perspective. This page has been bookmarked for me to reMIND my being. Namaste

  5. I guess the Rattlesnake here represents the Devil which comes only to steal our peace, destroy our lives with sickness and kill the body.

  6. Whatever symbolisms work for you are great. For me, the Rattlesnake of the Mind is the mind chatter that says things like, "You're not good enough." "You need to work harder." "No one really likes you."

  7. It is true you must use your mind for your own good,and not let it scare, or trap you.This is something I need to keep working on.TY, for this article,Jonathan.Keep them coming!!!!

  8. Oh how very true about the rattlesnake of the mind.My body is in constant pain; I am in need of an operation and after 40 years of always having health insurance we no longer have it. My "rattlesnake" will not let me get away from the pain and the irony of no insurance. I know how wonderful it feels to have peace and joy and I can not find it now...For me i am my worst persecutor; my mind will not give me rest and if you knew me you would know this is not me! God Bless you Jonathan for your beautiful spirit.

  9. One day as I was walking in the desert, I came upon a rattle snake.
    Suddenly to my great disbelief, the rattle snake spoke to me in a human voice and begged me to pick it up and take it to some water, as the snake was very hot and dying of thirst. I replied;" I cannot touch you for as soon as I do you will bite me and poison me and even possibly kill me."
    The rattle snake replied;" no I shall not, I promise you I will not hurt you but please take me to some water so that I may drink and not die in this heat and I promise to be your friend and not hurt you."
    I began to feel compassion for the snake and trusting his words I knelt down to pick it up and fulfill its wishes, trusting it would not bite me. When all of the sudden it rattled its tail and with lightening speed, it dug its fangs into my skin.
    " how could you! you promised me that you wouldn't hurt me " I replied in a state of shock, filled with anger and fear.
    The snake replied;" because its my nature"
    Thus is the nature of our own minds.

  10. Yes, good story. Everyone has to struggle with mind battles - no exceptions. And if one thinks he no longer has that problem, beware, it is problably spiritual arrogance

  11. Where do you write from,Johnathan ? Where do you keep all your quotations ?

  12. "Rattlesnake Mind" - so true! One constantly have to "reign" one's mind in else it will go all over the place and create what only exists in the mind. I fully agree with Jonathan. Do not let your mind wander, it will take you places and you will wish that you never embarked on the journey with the mind. Your mind is your enemy - if you let it. YOU are the master of your mind and not the other way around, show it who is in charge and if need be chastise it for daring to want to 'take over'.

  13. I soar like an eagle (animal counterpart of my Scorpio nature) when I read your empowering words and concepts and I thank you for your daily inspirations, Aideen


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