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Thursday, December 18, 2008

We attract abundance when we ask from a compassionate heart - jlh

We attract abundance when we ask from a compassionate heart.
- jonathan lockwood huie
The "Law of Attraction" is a Half-Truth

Everything regarding the so called "Law of Attraction" is an opinion. There is no scientific basis whatsoever for the "law," as there is no scientific basis for anything else in metaphysics or in religion. Does that mean all of metaphysics is wrong? No, just unprovable.

Is intent - or intention - real? While not scientifically provable, intent is certainly very real in my personal experience, and the experience of many I know well.

My Intent is my transmission to the entire Universe. It is the way I speak my vision for the future. While I can "speak" anything to the Universe, many transmissions are not received or are diverted.

My compassionate intents are generally received clearly and acted upon - perhaps not immediately, or in exactly the way I hope- but acted upon favorably, nonetheless.

However desires that are neutral - such as my desire to win the lottery - are just ignored. Further, my harmful or "evil" desires are not only rejected by the Universe, but are mirrored back to me as intense personal suffering - essentially Hell-on-earth.

The usual expression of the "Law of Attraction" states that the Universe will give you ANYTHING you want. That is half-true in that you can have anything that you request with compassion. The untruth is the expectation that the Universe will respond favorably when you ask selfishly or ask to harm others.

Consider the distinction between affluence and riches. Affluence is a state of mind. I can perceive affluence regardless of my external circumstances. The Universe responds favorably when I request affluence. I always receive the feeling of having everything I need. Sometimes I actually receive riches, and sometimes I receive that satisfied feeling with what the Universe deems is best for me. Either way, I truly receive affluence.

If you prefer to use the phrase "Law of Attraction," just remember that it will provide what you request with compassion, but not satisfy your hurtful or greedy requests.


  1. Dear Friends, This is so true. I have noticed that in the past the more angry or upset I was, the more I was surrendered with darkness and negativism. Once I was able to realize this and see that truth I made a consciencious effort to let the rage walk separately of me and miracles happen. I no longer worry if my car gets scratched or I loose my favourite hat. I try not to snap when someone sneaks in line in front of me or cuts me off on a highway. I use that energy instead to smile and love the world. The world seems to love me back two folds. That makes me want to give EVERYTHING for a ray of light. How wonderful the streaks of sunshine look when caught on a highrise tower built of glass. Jolanta

  2. Just a comment to the above Anonymous person.
    So happy you found that path! It's true, the world smiles back at you when you love the world. I have been doing my best to apply that and am loving the feeling of being able to brighten someone else's day.

  3. Lets face it, when we feel angry inside at others or a situation, who feels the anger?
    We do, so it is no benefit to anyone. So lets
    be merry and give out joy and compassion, for
    we reap what we sow. Let the Joy of the Lord be
    our strength, not the deceiving Lies of the devil.

  4. Comment for Anonymous above - you are EXACTLY right - delight in the Lord & draw your strength from the Lord. The devil is a liar! Praise Jesus!! We are made to be happy and enjoy the journey in this life. The anger and unhappiness comes from the devil not the Lord. We need to all enjoy our life and feel the joy!

  5. Rejoice and be glad. Its an order. Its our birthright. So why hesitate to express it. Let's all rejoice at this gift of life, that is given to all of us. Lets not think of opportunities lost to celebrate life, but not miss out on opportunities left with all of us. Go ahead, ENJOY & CELEBERATE life, for its a free gift given to you without your asking. Wishing all a nice day

  6. I try to be grateful but when am at work and around negevitity people its hard to be happy so how do I get the law of attraction work for me when am around negevitiy people

  7. Thank you for your question. You inspired me to write a whole article on the subject...

    How to Keep a Positive Attitude and Stay Positive Around Negative People

  8. I agree that for law of attraction to work we must be positive with our thoughts. Let's remember that the law of attraction works because of your conscious and your subconscious mind so if ever you desire something you must concentrate on positive feelings and thoughts.


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