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Saturday, December 27, 2008

A flower is a weed seen through joyful eyes. - jonathan lockwood huie

A flower is a weed seen through joyful eyes.
- jonathan lockwood huie

The virtue of anyone or anything is solely in our perspective. See gold, and there is gold; see lead and there is lead. If you see this thistle as a thorny nuisance, then it is a weed. If you appreciate its bright pink bloom, then it is a flower. It becomes what you name it. The power is in your choice, your perspective, your speaking.


  1. I pulled some weeds today and cropped the pretty
    purple flowers on the top, put them in a vase
    and took a picture. All of a sudden, there was
    beauty which made me think of our loving Creator. He sees this Beauty in all of us humans. He overlooks the weeds in us and we need
    to do the same.

  2. Thanks, Jonathan, for helping us to really see the beautiful sides of life, with your many pictures and statements.....Which by the way,I copy and put in an album, to have published so YOUR LEGACY WILL LIVE FOR ALL FUTURE GENERATIONS! from Seesee

  3. Or: A weed is a flower as seen through joyful eyes

  4. It is indeed an inspirational quotation

  5. My grandson looks forward to the first bright , cheerful dandelions of spring. He excitedly picks a bouquet for me. He often asks why his daddy calls them weeds! If only we could view more of the beauty around us through the innocent eyes of our children!

  6. Was looking through web sites for things about weeds when I say your quote. Loved it. I started a project a bit over a year ago and now have two web sites for weeds. www.beautyofweeds.com and www.thebeautyofweeds.com and more can be found in my gallery on my main site www.cjphotography.me Spring have begun here and I am already out looking for more and different weeds. to photograph. Let us enjoy there beauty.


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