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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Albert Einstein: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
- Albert Einstein

There is a fine line between perseverance and insanity. At what point have you tried your best, and it's time to do something different? It's a balance - a paradox. If you get in the habit of giving up as soon as something gets difficult, your life won't work, but if you keep tilting at windmills - madly trying the same thing again and again, your life also won't work.


  1. Yes, and learning to recognize the tipping point is a must~!

  2. Can an entire life be steared in a new direction, even at my age? (60)

  3. I've never heard this Einstein's quote before. And it's just what I need to hear :)

  4. "Can an entire life be steared in a new direction, even at my age? (60)"

    well I'm asking the same question, and if it is being asked here and now, then there must be an answer, and I would guess, YES!

  5. To the 60 year old person. If I can do it at 57,
    you most certainly can do it at 60. My husband
    and I decided to move out west to look for work
    in Alberta in the area of doing the Lord's work.
    We only have a few dollars and are excited to go. If the desire is there, the plan will follow. Trust in the Lord and never give up.
    The only thing to fear is fear itself. By stepping out, fear will flee. God bless!

  6. This has given me the encouragement I'm looking for....Thx.

  7. You just have to have faith, because it really is true, if you keep doing the same thing expecting different results it is insanity.

  8. Even as an agent of change, I find myself caught in this trap. Thank you for the reminder...and thanks also to the cherished friend who read your daily quote aloud to me recognizing its relevance to my personal and professional challenges.

  9. Thank you for the quote...I needed to be reminded that doing the same thing over and over and over (7 years)...I will continue to get the same results!

  10. I love this quote of Einstein's. It reflects a favorite principle of mine which I adopt for success - which is to keep changing my strategies. I wrote about this in detail too in one of my blog articles: Not Getting What You Want? Time To Change Your Actions

  11. Exactly, we have to know when to hold and when to fold, yes run or walk. When we know ourselves when we are aware and awake and doing self study not moving on auto pilot we know when..It does and should take courage this is how we grow..Releasing what does not serve us and holding on to what does.Thank you for allowing me to share

  12. FAith is not the real answer . Just the way you believe and how you will respond to those difficulties,..

  13. Though this quote is often incorrectly attributed to Einstein, there's actually no evidence that he ever said this. As far as we know, this phrase first appeared in a book by Rita Mae Brown called "Sudden Death" (pg. 68) in 1983, almost thirty years after Einstein's death.

  14. Who cares who said it? It's still a great quote!

  15. Just no way to contradict Dr. Eienstein. I strongly believe that science is different fron logic, and logically it will be difficult to produce different results from a repeated same actions


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