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Friday, December 19, 2008

Mary Anne Radmacher: WHAT DO I WANT?

It's a pervasive and often illusive question. I ask myself regularly just as a check in device. A way to make sure that the activities I choose for myself in my day match up to what I am aware that I want. What I want is rooted in who I am. What are your answers to this question and what are they rooted in?
Here's my current overview.

- Unrelenting and profound creativity and creation
- Vitality in spirit and body
- Consciously incorporate my ten illuminating things into my day.
- Self knowledge and self awareness which forms the basis for guiding others

- Enjoy positive outcomes from appropriate investments
- Redeem all actions and activities by observing and learning
- Create an environment that supports my ontology and is consistent
With what I want.

- Invest in and develop my marriage
- Demonstrate fearlessness and dedication in my friendships
- Speak the truth with compassion
- Act from love - face and dispel fears.

- Fulfill the obligations that the past posts to me
- Embrace the opportunity for service based in love.

- Mary Anne Radmacher

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