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May the world be kind to you, and may your own thoughts be gentle upon yourself. - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shed the scales from your eyes

Today is your day to shed the scales from your eyes.

Bringing a childlike wonder and a beginner's mind to life maximize both success and joy.
- jlh

Over the years, we come to see life as we expect it to be. We make assumptions about how things ARE. We make expectations of others and of ourselves based on those assumptions.

"Beginner Mind" is a Zen Buddhist term that describes moving past our assumptions of the nature of our life, and really SEEING our surroundings - especially the people we interact with - with new eyes.

A quote from LIVE BOLDLY
Remember that nurturing yourself is as important (if not more so) as nurturing others.
- mary anne radmacher


  1. Nuturing our selfves seems so forein to a mother of young children. Constantly giving, giving and giving, it is so easy to feel wiped out without leaving me with an ounce of energy... I am left to "nuture" myself with a "low tank of gas". Having inspirational quotes and sayings is a nice remind for a busy mother of two to stop and pause. I must learn to prioritze what is really important... doing(another) load of laudry, pick up toys verus nurturing onself. Balancing the role of nurturing onself AND enjoying my young children...

  2. to "mother of small children"...

    Remember what the flight attendant says, "Put on your own oxygen mask first."

    Light and Joy,

  3. In any disasterous situation it is always recommended that you save or secure yourself first. You can only give help or secure others after you have secured yourself.

  4. Hi Jonathan;

    Thanks for the reminder about the oxygen mask, there was something nagging me this morning, and of course it was that yellow and clear plastic tubing dangling before me.

    Your link from today's post was quite timely!

    Also you've enlightened me to the correlation of Paul's condition to the beginner mind.

    Blessings and peace be on you!